ESORMA Training ensures you have all the business requirements covered fast. The focus is on the business of cybersecurity to maximise enterprise wide protection, not just IT.

A business focussed approach makes for easier, more obvious, faster communication and understanding. ESORMA is a plain English framework and architecture that links the business requirements of Governance, Risk and compliance with operations and IT.

Detailed technical appreciation is beyond the scope of ESORMA. Technical capability is required for practical implementation, yet it must be linked to actual business needs and this is where cybersecurity often fails.

Simplification to business principles allows for everyone to participate and understand more about how cybersecurity affects them and everyone else within and outside of an organisation. A requirement for deep technical knowledge is required for implementation. Buy-in to the core principles of cybersecurity requires business case understanding and awareness of actions to be taken.

It is easily possible to discuss and debate a comprehensive plan of action. You will achieve greater buy-in and a wider understanding of the objectives and most importantly a deeper understanding of your overall cybersecurity needs too. A simple workshop process can provide a rapid understanding of risks and risk management within a team.

Online or in-person workshop events foster better communication, awareness, and help to create faster, less costly, and, potentially income-generating, more effective security and privacy programs. They are deliverable direct to team members and can be delivered to internal managers to allow them to train colleagues, customers and suppliers too.

More recently due to legislative European changes and Brexit there are now new areas to consider when it comes to privacy.

An internal workshop event will facilitate the buy-in required to ensure clear communication, awareness, less costly, longer term, more effective security and privacy.

ESORMA certified professionals are available to run facilitated group training remotely or in person.