ESORMA offers cybersecurity professionals the chance to add more value and provide more comprehensive protection to include physical attacks on industrial control systems and operational technology. ESORMA defines what it means to be a cyber professional, most do not appreciate what is possible. ESORMA lets you know what to do and how across eight critical business domains.

  1. Primary challenges
    • The shortage of technical cyber security staff.
    • Rapid migration to cloud.
    • Regulatory compliance and unrelenting evolution means you have more to do with less.
  2. More technology is not the only solution
    • Simple, elegant and fast solutions exist to increase speed, add value and nail wider ranging enterprise risks.
    • Show colleagues how to be frontline eyes and ears.
  3. Requests for compliance have teeth
    • Increasingly there is a requirement to formally address privacy, digital trust and safety in support of mandated compliance and internal governance.
  4. Mobile & cloud disruption
    • Traditional infrastructure is being ripped open in ways unimaginable causing wholesale change, introducing new risks and compromising opportunities for fraud and theft.
  5. Staff Awareness becomes an opportunity
    • As the enclosed, protected space of IT collapses new beneficial ways of working with others are emerging, and adjustment needs to be made.
  6. Invest in people, process and change
    • A lot can be done in practice without investing in infrastructure, chances are you can do so much more with what have already.
  7. Increase accuracy and make better selection
    • Enhanced scoping techniques can be used to focus faster on systems, data, architecture and future solutions.
  8. Build out your security operations
    • Ensure that new projects, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are employed and protected from malicious threats from inside and outside.
    • Determine measurable improvements.

Yet devastating enterprise breaches continue to be reported. Here's just one of the many recent examples. It is clearly time for a streamlined, more effective, faster, easier, comprehensive approach that addresses imperative business needs.

With ESORMA, business needs always come first. This means you don't have to change the business or EA Frameworks you have, or standards you follow, you'll find ESORMA creates a bridge to your business needs and assists in expanding overall protection employing what you already have to provide more protection for less.

Designed as a quick start, The Quick Start Guide is fast working, an easy read designed to get you saving time and money to let you set a stronger, more comprehensive path taking into account recent imperatives to continue to make sure you're the saviour of your organisation. You can start just as soon as you turn to the first domain. Buy now!

You will find The Quick Start Guide offers many ideas and methods to streamline any enterprise, make savings, save time, make changes that cost nothing and increase throughput and the bottom line. Outcomes designed to delight you, the CEO, the board, operations, colleagues, clients, and customers. Everyone's a winner!