Business, compliance directors and managers will be assured underlying value activity is undertaken in a compliant and auditable manner ensuring governance, risk and compliance continue to be managed well.

Uniquely ESORMA was developed with cybersecurity built in from the beginning and for the focus to be on business practice. This focus enables business owners, managers and operations to understand more readily how cybersecurity can protect and enhance their areas of work.

In turn the necessary effort of engineers and cybersecurity practitioners can deliver focused and financed protection at a detailed level.

Overall implementation is more likely to be supported, understood and have the input of the wider team, leading to less error, increased efficiency, accuracy and reduced cost. By ensuring security is introduced with team buy-in, security will not only be tighter, but more widely understood and observed going forward.

Enhance Agility

Agile as you are expected to deal with a constantly changing threat landscape.

Enhance Clarity

Focused on plain english, clear scope is applied to all domains.

Add More Action

Tuned for fast, actionable solutions to real world problems without the clutter ensure modern enterprises are as protected as they can be.

ESORMA Quick Start Resources
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